Stubbings Garden Openings 2018

Stubbings are very pleased to support a number of local and national charities each year.  We do this with a number of different activities on the Estate, but very popular are our Garden Openings.

The grounds of the private manor house are usually opened on a limited number of weekends for this purpose.  More details are provided in the January of each year. 

Charities that Stubbings has supported include:-

National Garden Scheme - Gardens Open for Charity

Thames Valley Air Ambulance

British Red Cross

Scann Appeal

Venue Information

The private grounds of Stubbings House will be opened on specific days as advertised.

PLEASE NOTE - the private grounds are usually shut so please double check the website for up to date information.

Usual Timings:-

10am – 5pm on Saturday
10am – 4pm on Sunday

Adults £? - depends upon the charity and event.

Pre-booking not applicable.

Tickets for the garden openings are usually available to purchase on the gate.

Please call 01628 820140 for more information during normal office hours.


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