A complete, intelligent solution for watering a medium-sized garden.

Genius 60 cart with waterproof aluminium frame, drum with strengthened cross sections and winding knob that makes winding the hose particularly convenient.

30 metres of high quality Top-Black hose, extension and connector to connect to the tap, spray nozzle with adjustable jet from fully open to concentrated, two couplings, one with Aquastop, which allows you to connect and disconnect the nozzle from the hose without having to shut off the tap.

A practical solution to water a medium-sized garden with a kit complete with all the accessories.

Kit with Genius 60 hose cart, supplied complete with:

  • 30 metres of 1/2″ (12-17 mm) Top-Black hose
  • tap connector
  • couplings
  • spray nozzle
  • 1.5 metre extension hose with couplings
  • hose rack holder.

Ready-to-use and ergonomically designed.

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