Pot Grown Korean Fir

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The pot grown Korean Fir (abies koreana) is a rare variety of Christmas tree, so the ideal choice if you’re looking for something a little different and special.

The Korean fir is a very popular ornamental plant in parks and gardens in temperate climates, grown for its foliage but also chosen for abundant cone production even on young trees.

– This pot grown variety can be planted in the garden after the Christmas season.
– It is likely that the tree will need a little tlc after being in a warm home. Please ask us for additional guidance.
– Please do consider where you plant in your garden as these trees can get very big.
– Note, this tree will require an over-pot suitable for your home. One that can retain water.

Guidance Notes:- Please make sure you keep your tree well watered throughout the Christmas period. If your tree must be placed close to a radiator, please ensure you turn the radiator off before installing your tree.

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