Westland Orchid Potting Mix 8L


Westland Orchid Potting Mix is a dry, free-draining, peat free mix that prevents over watering and deters flies for healthier, happier orchids. Orchids love being in a mix that lets water run past their roots instead of sitting in a waterlogged pot, so this mix is perfect. Added zinc complex promotes more root growth into your new potting mix, faster re-potting establishment, and also boosts plant resilience. It is rich in pine bark to create the perfect balance of aeration and drainage for healthy root development.

Ideal for re-potting Orchids.

January – December

Don’t use me with ericaceous plants.
Before use, rework potting mix between hands to reconstitute.
Use in a well ventilated place and avoid breathing in dust.
Wearing gloves is a good idea, and don?t forget to wash your hands afterwards!
Store in a dry, frost free place away from weed killers and other garden chemicals.
Reseal bag after use.

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