Corona 4 Prong Cultivator MAX


Corona is America’s leading tool innovator, offering tools of outstanding strength and lasting durability, driven by a need for reliability.

A hardworking cultivator, the Corona Max Heavy Duty Lightweight 4 Prong Cultivator is a great combination of durable carbon steel prongs and lightweight aluminium handle. The four prongs make short work of breaking up soil to prepare for planting, or for gently aerating soil around plants,

  • Strong tempered steel head for weeding and cultivating soil
  • Reinforced riveted connections to prevent handle wobble
  • 152.5cm lightweight handle in industrial-strength, non-slip aluminium, with oval cross-section for maximum strength
  • Diamond-shaped prong tips for easy soil penetration and tilling
  • Lifetime warranty Overall length: 159cm

Width: 14cm

Depth: 13cm

Weight: 2kg

Handle: Aluminium

Head: High carbon steel

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