Corona Lightweight Square End Shovel


Corona is America’s leading tool innovator, offering tools of outstanding strength and lasting durability, driven by a need for reliability.

Ideal for everyday digging around the garden, this Corona Lightweight Square End Shovel is extremely controllable and very comfortable to use. It’s especially handy for lifting and moving loose materials.

  • Square-head design is ideal for efficient lifting and moving of loose materials
  • Steel collar for strong head-to-handle connection
  • Heat-treated tempered steel head with sharpened blade edge
  • Large, forward-turned steps for firmer footing
  • Textured epoxy finish protects head against rust
  • 76cm fibreglass handle with cushioned D grip for comfort
  • Lifetime warranty 

Handle length: 76cm

Overall length: 105cm

Width 24cm

Depth: 11cm

Weight: 2kg

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