Corona Extendable Tree Saw&Pruner MAX RazorTooth


Corona is America’s leading tool innovator, offering tools of outstanding strength and lasting durability, driven by a need for reliability.

The Corona Max Forged Extendable Tree Saw & Pruner is a professional-grade solution to the problem of pruning at height. Its innovative design combines saw and pruner in one tool, allowing you to keep your feet firmly on the ground while pruning at height or in thick growth.

  • RazorTOOTH Saw? tempered blade with 3-sided teeth finishes up to 2x faster than conventional saws
  • Pruning head with 3x cutting power features a compound action pulley system and heavy-duty chain drive for branches up to 3cm
  • 3-sided impulse-hardened teeth stay sharp for longer
  • Chrome-plated blades reduce friction and improve efficiency
  • SK5 steel blade contains higher carbon which means harder steel, allowing blade to stay sharper longer
  • 10 year warranty

Reaches up to 4.26m

33cm saw blade

Saw cuts up to 20cm

Pruner cuts up to 3cm

Blade: high carbon steel

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