Gardena Liano Textile Hose Set – 15m


Premium quality hose made in Germany. The Liano Xtreme set is ideal for the daily watering of smaller gardens and comes as a pre-assembled complete set for immediate use. This hose is highly flexible, dirt repellent and tough. It withstands rough surfaces such as rose thorns, paving stones and even brick walls while giving the flexibility to manoeuvre around tight areas and remaining kink-free.

This hose is up to 50% lighter than conventional PVC hoses and has a burst pressure of 35 bar. The flexibility of this hose provides great space-saving storage. UV and frost resistant so it can be left outside year-round.

Made in Germany

Hose length: 15m
Hose diameter: 13mm

1 x 15m Liano Textile Hose
1 x Water Stop
1 x Hose Connector
1 x Sprayer Head
2 x Tap Connectors

In stock

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