Gardena Micro-Drip-Irrigation Balcony Set


Keep your balcony looking beautiful with this Micro-Drip-Irrigation Balcony Set. This water-saving irrigation set will water up to 15 potted plants. All components can be effortlessly connected to eachother, flexibly extended and detached again. Ideal for window boxes and stand-alone potted plants.

Made in Germany with high-quality materials. Easy to assemble and ready for immediate use.

Made in Germany
Ready to use

For use on up to 15 potted plants

1 x Master Unit 1000
1 x 20m Long Supply Pipe (4.6mm)
2 x Regulating & Shut-off Valves
5 x T-Joints (4.6mm)
5 x End Plugs (4.6mm)
10 x Peg Pipes (4.6mm)
15 x Inline Drip Heads

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