Gardena T-Joint for Spray Nozzles 13mm


These T-Joint for Spray Nozzles will help you to stably lock the Spray Nozzles in the 13mm Connecting Pipe or Drip Irrigation Line of the Micro-Drip-System. Each T-Joint includes two inlets and outlets for the Connecting Pipe, and one inlet and outlet for the installation of a Spray Nozzle.

Made in Germany using high-quality materials. Quick and easy installation with a handy feedback click as a clearly audible signal in the closed position communicates the correct attachment of the components. Sustainable and reusable. Reliably water-proof.

Made in Germany
Pack of 5
Simpy wipe clean under running water

For fixing Spray Nozzles in Connecting Pipe Flex 13 mm (1/2″)

In stock

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