Copdock Mill Poultry Gold 20kg


Copdock Mill Poultry Gold is a highly nutritious complementary feed with oyster shell, a valuable source calcium – not only for strong healthy bones, but to help ensure a good hard shell on the eggs. Contains hen grit to breakdown the feed, aiding chicken?s digestive system.

Fill a poultry feeder or scatter a small amount for each hen onto dry ground
Top Tip: This complementary feed is an ideal treat for chickens and includes Linseed seed, for a glossier plumage and a natural source of essential Omega-3 oils.

Wheat, Cut Maize, Linseed Seed, Peas, Hen Grit, Oyster Shell, Hipro Soyabeen Extract, Limestone Granules, Sunflower Extract, Wheatfeed, Dicalcium Phosphate, Salt, DL-Methionine, Layers Supplement (DSM), Oil.

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