Gardena Premium Full or Part Circle Pulse Sprinkler


Using this Sprinkler, you can water large areas between 75 and 490msq effortlessly. The range can be set between 10 and 25m in diameter and the adjustable irrigation sector between 25 degrees and 360 degrees makes this Sprinkler extra flexible. Set the throw distance with the large knob between 5 and 12.5m to adjust the sprinkler to the needs of your watering requirements.

Made in Europe with high-quality materials. The premium metal and plastic combination makes this sprinkler extra stable and durable. The high-precision brass nozzle distributes the water optimally for watering without puddles. The stable, mobile plastic sled with metal inserts provides a secure stand on uneven ground.

Made in Europe

Area coverage min: 75 msq
Area coverage max: 490 msq
Range of Spray (m): 5m – 12.5m
Irrigation sector: 25 degrees – 360 degrees

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