Henry Bell Duck & Swan Food 750g


A nutritionally-balanced food that is designed to help ducks, swans and other waterfowl by complementing their natural diet. This is important during times of natural food shortage: winter, early spring and during the breeding season. This food is in perfect bite-sized pieces that the waterfowl can easily eat.

With over 175 years of experience, Henry Bell are immensely proud of their range of feeds that have been specifically selected for the health and wellbeing of wildlife. This Duck & Swan Food should be scattered across the surface of the water as widely as possible, enabling the birds to eat without any overcrowding.

Size: 750g
Recyclable packaging
Not for human consumption
Made in a factory that handles nuts.

Whole Wheat, Wheat Feed, Whole Peas, White Rice, Soya Bean Meal, Whole Linseed, Fish Meal, Soya Oil.

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